Consultancy Services

With our partners we provide a panel of consultancy services focused on a dynamic unconventional approach, aimed at identifying and revealing the full potential of Social, Economic  entities and People by identifying a common and meaningful purpose serving the objective of a more inclusive and sustainable society

Working Together

1. Audacious Bridging – Live events

Inspirational / motivational talks

Pitching and social networking events

Creative workshop or meaningful ventures (such as Live Theatre Forum / Cooking and food tasting / Creative Arts / Sport venture)

Team Building (de-icer breaking the ceiling walls and glasses) workshops

Seminars / Conference with Guest Speakers

2. Procurement, Sales and Marketing – create a strategic advantage

Identify & Pursue large business opportunities within global ecosystem context

Combine Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and global supply chain potenial

Support to change management, and cultural management

Procurement: turn your idea into a Product, connect with the relevant resources (partnerships, skills, expertise, means and tools)

Innovation – Leadership workshop: encourage people’s accountability and creativity to problem solving solutions

Enhance attractiveness: Public Relationship / Initiatives visibility and Brand impact

Secure project delivery: Contract Management / Project Management expertise 

3. Third Sector Economy (NGO’s, Charities, Social Enterprise)

Marketing and Sales campaign

Events organisation

Charity Gala 

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