MISSION: “Pioneering gateway to the potential held within all of us” (People, Corporates, Institutions, Organisations).

VISION: “Create opportunities across the value network for a more inclusive and sustainable society”.

The 930 Initiative

The 930 project offers hope for a sustainable and innovative project to address the risks relating to natural catastrophes. In a country heavily exposed and vulnerable to natural catastrophes and climate change, the 930 project shifts the paradigms in Disaster Risk Management through an efficient response to natural catastrophes covering the complete cycle (curative and preventive actions).

The objective is to develop an early warning system saving as many human lives as possible. This includes the people most vulnerable to these events because of their work, their living standards, their locations, or their financial conditions.

This early warning system involves new methodologies, new approaches and technologies and is made up of: 

  • An operating and interconnected system based on a real time database platform (thanks to geo-intelligence solutions satellites, drones, telecommunications) and human factor approach (sociological and psychological approach) enabling accurate data flows in two ways (ascending and descending flows) available for all individuals regardless of their background.
  • A community-based approach for an agile and efficient dissemination of alerts, and deployment of rescue resources through a dedicated task force made up of  individuals able to reach the most vulnerable (e.g. by involving Scouts associations etc)
  • A more resilient ecosystem including behavioural changes, gathering and serving all the community's interests,and providing re-insurance (organisations, institutions, businesses, associations, workers).
  • A human and geographic cartography enabling sustainable societal changes for all, empowering individual diversity (regardless of social positions, gender or religious beliefs) and improving governance frameworks (investments decisions from private and public sectors, humanitarian actions, guiding principles).

The pilot phase will kick off in 6 cities, and aims at scaling at a regional and national scale.

We wish to engage with external partners such as:
  • Disaster risk-management, with University, insurance companies, expert within risk model-based approach
  • Civil organisations, institutions, corporates
  • National development agencies
  • World bank organisation, United Nations and other international NGOs.

Sparking Change - In Bristol, UK 


  • Launching the “Works initiative experience” with the Bristol City Council, encouraging the Business Community to provide the 1st internship experience to youth community, not holding any academic qualification. 

  • Social Economy appetizer gathering People and developing awareness on social and economic initiatives promoting a more inclusive and sustainable environment in Bristol


  • Major catalyst Conference (more than 150 delegates) for “Achieving Inclusive Economic Growth with Twin Cities of Bristol: Hannover and Bordeaux”  . This included Marvin Rees Mayor of Bristol , Stefan Schostok Mayor of Hannover, Alain Juppe City Maire of Bordeaux, celebrating the 70th year of twinning between Bristol, Bordeaux and Hannover.


  • “Bristol giving Day for a FAB Future for All” gathering People and celebrating the potential held within all of us to build a more inclusive and sustainable Society. Two events were successfully delivered in partnership with Charities (fundraising):
    • a forum theatre experience (with the partnership of educational art charities empowering youth actors exposed to social challenges and inviting the audience to exchange with them, and perform on stage).
    • a social and inspirational networking event uniting people thanks to food tasting (delivered by a social enterprise uniting people through food) and a motivational speaker Mr Andy Wyatt (former pilot of the red arrows, now pilot on B747).


  • Contributed to organize Charity Gala dinner for the Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce: more than 5, 000 GBP for Charities and Social Enterprise (over the last 3 years) contributing to build a more inclusive and sustainable from youth education empowerment to circular economy solutions for a sustainable supply chain development (the City Regional Funds initiative, Quartet Community Foundation, Babbasa and the Converging World).

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