FAB is the Forumfor Audacious Bridging. Sparking A Sustainable Society.

Welcome to FAB

After its mid 2018 soft-launch in Bristol, our project is now underway. 

Initially started in Bristol, UK, we aim at providing consultancy services across the world seizing the goal of a more inclusive and sustainable society to deliver the meaningful impact and transformations initiatives for:

  • Individuals or group of People
  • Organisations (Corporate, SME’s, start-up), institutions and territories; and
  • Non Governmental Agencies, Third Sector Economy (Charities, Social Enterprise, Association).

What Sparked the FAB Project 

It's being developed by corporate procurement specialist Benjamin Pean.

The concept is built on the foundation of his inspirational lived experience and global business expertise.

In its first stage, the “FAB” (Forumfor Audacious Bridging) project aims to maximise the impact of Bristol-based social mobility initiatives.

With FAB, social economic entities (corporate, social enterprise, group and individuals) will have the opportunities to engage in an inclusive platform (digital and / or physical).

FAB will encourage, promote, and support projects empowering people to fulfil their potential by removing the financial, cultural, social blockers allowing them to flourish.

FAB will focus on projects with strong potential to generate higher added value for the region by bridging and addressing the gap between corporate and community

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