More About FAB

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born ,and the day you find out why”.

- Mark Twain

Initially started in Bristol, we aim at providing consultancy services across the world seizing the goal of a more inclusive and sustainable society to deliver the meaningful impact and transformations initiatives for

* Individuals or groups of people

* Organisations (Corporate, SME’s, start-up), institutions and territories;

* Non Governmental Agencies, Third Sector Economy (Charities, Social Enterprise, Associations).

The Forum for Audacious Bridging is an initiative first developed in Bristol, UK, by internationally-based Benjamin Pean, who made it from an orphanage in Mumbai to a senior position in the Airbus Group .

Thanks to his personal life, professional experience within the Aerospace Industry (15 years as sales, marketing and procurement contract manager) and global exposure he has learnt to develop the relevant connections, partnerships to create unique pathways for a meaningful impact for individuals or organisations.

Strong community involvement for several years:

He created the 1st chair of the Social Economy for the Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce and through his community involvement he promoted collaborative set of actions and initiatives to enable a more inclusive and sustainable society to celebrate the diversity of the communities living in Bristol, for a vibrant future.

We organised the delivery of catalyst events and project to combine a social and economic impact towards:

  • Education: training & social skills development;
  • Communities empowerment;
  • Circular economy initiatives: renewable energy, natural resources preservation, housing, infrastructure and transports;
  • New model of collaborations between organisations (Business, Institutions) and third sector economy (gathering more than 150 Delegates).

Benjamin Pean is driven by the strong belief that people are the key enablers for a better tomorrow. The prosperity of our world - its society, regions, communities and economies -  depends on:

  • individuals or groups of people,
  • their respective interactions within the global ecosystem.

Activating the relevant and meaningful drivers for all categories of Actors (people, institutions, organisations, and businesses) is a key factor of success towards the goal of a sustainable and positive society.

The holistic and positive societal impact can be promoted thanks to an approach focused on people seizing the goal of a more sustainable and inclusive environment to create opportunities across the value network. 

We propose a systemic and collaborative approach activating the meaningful driver for a more inclusive and sustainable society by:

  • connecting and uniting People through informal ways (beyond social positions or societal perceptions) based on their meaningful interest and purpose with the objective to develop aspirations and social skills;
  • capitalising on effective and consistent collaborations; and
  • generating a continuous impact based on better decision making including best practices, and systemic factors (environmental, socio-economic and human factors).

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